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Tahoe Plates: What They Mean To Us

From my desk across the street from the Reno Tahoe International Airport, I get to look up at the beautiful Sierras every day. Life in the Sierras is truly a blessing. I’m less than an hour from incredible hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and all kinds of high-altitude activities. The Sierras are a popular travel destination for good reason. I'm still awed by them, even though they have lined my every horizon throughout my life. Lake Tahoe is famous for its picturesque sights and crystal-clear waters; it is truly a masterpiece of the natural world. In the winter, snow-capped peaks slope steeply down to evergreen-lined beaches. Making for some incredible skiing and even more spectacular views. And in the summer, sunsets stretch out across those clear waters at the end of a long day spent on the beach or hiking in the mountains.

There is a reason locals here are passionate about the crown jewel of the Sierras, we love the lake we are spoiled by. We have campaigns to “Keep Tahoe Blue” and work to ensure our mountain escapes are healthy for the next generation. I grew up being taught “pack in, pack out,” and that often meant we packed out anything we could fit that was left by others. The folks at Clean Up The Lake took this even further and spent several months diving into Lake Tahoe to pull out nearly 25,000 pieces of trash.

While we aren’t spending 81 days diving into freezing cold waters, here at Reno Tahoe Rental Car we are doing our part to keep the Sierras clean and Tahoe blue. We are on the cutting edge of offering hybrid and fully electric rental vehicles, ensuring fewer emissions around the lake. Feel free to take one of our Teslas for a spin around the lake, don’t worry, there are plenty of chargers. Secondly, every one of our vehicles has a Lake Tahoe License Plate installed on it. Meaning that 96% of the proceeds from every plate in our fleet goes back to protecting Lake Tahoe. We are proud that our vehicles display our favorite place and help provide funding to some of the great initiatives that are keeping Tahoe in pristine condition.

Our goal, in everything we do, is to make Reno Tahoe and the Sierras the best vacation location you’ve ever visited, and ensuring the preservation of Lake Tahoe is a big part of that. We can’t wait to welcome you to our high-altitude paradise and will ensure that everything that we do will Keep Tahoe Blue for you. And if you have ideas about how we at Reno Tahoe Rental Car can keep Tahoe Blue, let us know. We’d love to hear about them.

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