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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

  • Type: Coupe/Convertible

  • Engine: 6.2L V8 Supercharged

  • 0-60 MPH: 2.8s

  • Top Speed (MPH): 212

  • Power (HP): 755

  • Transmission: Automatic

  • MSRP: $135,000

ZR1 has returned to the throne to push the Corvette legacy to its highest point ever. It’s a supercar that’s at once luxurious and overwhelmingly capable, delivering the icon’s fastest, most powerful, most advanced performance in a production Corvette to date. Drivers, hail the new King.

From the commanding stance to the muscular lines to the extensive use of carbon fiber, ZR1 was designed with one purpose in mind: performance. Take, for example, the stunning chevron-patterned carbon-fiber halo hood and engine cover. The most powerful production Corvette ever made, ZR1 wields a new hand-assembled 6.2L LT5 supercharged small block V8 engine — an engineering marvel deservingly crowned by the book-matched carbon-fiber cover.

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