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Meet Reno Tahoe Rental Car

Growing up in Truckee, founder Nick Sorrentino grew to love everything that his hometown had to offer. His love for his hometown grew into a passion for exploring everything that the Reno Tahoe area has to offer. Whether it be food or activities he knows all of the local spots and activities the location has to offer. His entrepreneurial nature and passion lead him to find a niche that had not been touched by the rental car market. “Friends and family would come up to visit me and would constantly ask where they could rent a 4WD vehicle for their vacation,” Sorrentino explained.

Typical rental car companies do not guarantee 4WD vehicles to renters. This could be a problem for families who are planning on driving around the Reno Tahoe area in the winter especially. Snow and ice are a common occurrence during the winter months and more often than not families and couples travel here for ski vacations. Even when a vehicle is rented from a typical rental car company it cannot be outfitted with chains, due to liability, to get through the treacherous mountain passes leaving renters stranded at their nearest airport hotel. Having a vehicle that the fully equipped for the type of climate it is in, is essential to having a successful and safe trip. Nick began renting his vehicles out to his friends and family and got stellar reviews of their experience.

Not having to deal with the hassle of traditional rental cars, and having the luxuries of the vehicles renters had at home were big selling points to his friends and family. The ease of being able to get off the plane, text your personal concierge agent and walk out to your rental which is waiting for you curbside releases a lot of the stress of renting a car. “It makes us different, we are able to make customers feel like they are at home when they are away from home, making their experience as a whole more memorable,” Nick mentioned.

People are coming to Reno-Tahoe to have fun whether it be skiing or snowboarding in the winter months or mountain biking, paddle boarding and river rafting in the summer months. Having to deal with the complications that come with renting a car from the saturated market is something that takes away from the experience as a whole. Nick’s goal was for the people who come and visit to go away with the same appreciation for his hometown that he has. “Taking away all of the complications and hidden fees is what makes our endeavor so different from others. We want to be different and offer accommodations like ski racks or luggage racks and charge substantially less for luxury vehicles than Hertz and Enterprise do.”

So whether you're flying into Reno-Tahoe International Airport, or Truckee-Tahoe Airport, the goal of Reno Tahoe Rental Car is to make it seem like you're just picking up your own car at home, and have the best vacation possible.


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